FIT RxN™ (RxN = Reaction)

offers a variety of tools to evoke sweat, strength, endorphins, and your inner badass!

Derived from the concept of Functional Fitness, FIT RxN formerly PEDAL NYC provides instructor led group training classes with the goal of teaching your muscles how to work together to increase strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility. Through several uniquely developed and expertly taught classes like TRX, Boxing, CoreRxN, FORCE, FIT HIIT and FIT Kids and Teens,  Team FIT will be there to empower you to step outside the proverbial comfort zone and achieve YOUR desired level of FIT!

FIT RxN is founded around the principles of health & wellness and takes pride in making your time with us an experience. Beginning as a family owned and operated company, we’re built from the foundation of “supportive, loud and infectious sarcastic humor.” We have that “Give a FIT Factor” about each other, therefore we unequivocally have it for you! We are a Family, and our clients become our Family! Congrats, you each just inherited an amazing Team whether you want us or not!

Walk in dry, leave drenched in sweat - it's time for YOU to have a "FIT Reaction"

It's time for YOU to have a FIT Reaction!

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