March Madness Sale!

SPRING IS IN THE AIR! It may feel like it’s going to be cold forever, but spring is coming and it’s a great time to start a new FITness routine with our 3 Month Auto Renew Program! Sign up during March and get your 1st Month for $99 2nd Month for $149 3rd Month for $149 AND… A free...


Featured FITspiration: Courtney B.

What do you like most about working out at FIT RxN? I love how the class size is super small and how every workout if different. Each instructor brings a different teaching style to the classes and you never know what exercises to expect. Do you have specific fitness goals? Have they changed at all?...


Featured FITspiration: Ryan L

What do you like most about working out at FIT RxN? What isn’t there to like?  the energy, the coaches, the music, the variety of workouts. I look forward to every workout because I never know what to expect…other than I’m going to get my ass kicked!!! Do you have specific fitness...


Featured FITspirations: Brenton and Lindsey

What do you love about working out at FIT RxN? Every class is a new challenge and welcomes a new opportunity for us to push ourselves out of our comfort zone. Do you have specific fitness goals? Have they changed at all? Brenton: When I first started my main goal due to back issues was to strengthen...


Body Composition Analysis: Find Out What’s On The Inside

Have you been thinking about finally jumping on the InBody scale? We know you have questions so we asked one of our FIT RxN athletes who has been monitoring her Body Composition what it’s like. Read on and then schedule your Initial Assessment! What made you decide to do your initial InBody An...

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