Instructors Dish About The Workouts They Love… & Hate!

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Do you wonder why Mr. Ray turns up the music extra loud at certain points of a class?
Is it possible that there is something fitness related that even the ultra-fit McCool tries to avoid?
You know that “inside thought” you have when Declan announces burpees? Do you wonder if there’s ever an exercise that makes him curse under his breath (or out loud) while he’s working out?

It happens to everyone during every class- the instructor describes the set and you either think “Yay! I love this one!” or “Crap! Maybe I can take this opportunity to go out and get another towel…
Believe it or not, even our instructors have these thoughts some times. So we asked them:

  • What is your favorite exercise- the one you couldn’t live without?
  • What is your least favorite exercise- the one that makes you curse in your head (or maybe it slips out) when you hear it’s coming up? How do you get yourself through it?

Find out what they love and what they hate… and what they do to push themselves through…  



Loves:  Boxing is absolutely my favorite! It’s an amazing workout and when I put on those gloves I feel like Superman. Everything else disappears and I feel like there’s nothing I can’t accomplish!

Hates: Believe it or not, boxing can be the worst when doing straight bag work. I guess I have sort of love/hate relationship with it. What gets me through it is self talk and loud music! Haha!



Loves: I’m a competitive Road & Cyclocross racer, & although my face may not show it, I’m enjoying every challenging moment. And there is no more awesome a feeling then getting to stand on the podium & partake in a champagne shower!

Hates: Cross-training is essential to balanced fitness, though there are admittedly some exercises that are “less fun” for me then others. Two of my least favorite activities are running & strength training. However, they are integral components to making me more competitive in my most loved sport (surprise, surprise), cycling!



Loves: That’s a toss up between push-ups of different variations and pull-ups. There’s no equipment necessary and you can work out multiple muscle groups in one movement. You can do them anywhere/anytime so there’s definitely no excuses!

Hates: Anything to do with the lower limbs or lower back. I get through it by taking it one rep at a time or having a lets get it over and done with mentality.



Loves: My favorite exercise is atomic pushups on the TRX. I love how challenging it is to your entire body: stabilization of your abs, back, arms and legs while you transition from upper body to lower all in one exercise. I also love how the more you practice it, the more controlled you feel and the stronger your body becomes. It is a great exercise to judge your progress on the TRX! I am determined to have a six pack summer with that exercise!

Hates:  My least favorite exercise is probably single leg lunges (especially when you add a hop) because my legs start burning in about 2 seconds and then you have to mentally talk yourself through it. I usually focus on a different area like my butt or my abs instead of my quad in order to forget about the pain and make sure the rest of my body is working properly during the exercise. I have also been known to sing out loud to the song playing in order to cheer myself up.




Loves: I wouldn’t be able to live without strength training, either free weight or body weight.

Hates:  When it comes to what exercise I hate the most, well, that’s a trick question. I love to HATE them all equally. Burpees are difficult for me because moving 230lbs isn’t easy and when things aren’t easy it isn’t much fun. In my opinion that’s the point of exercising. Challenge yourself! Cowboy Up! Embrace how much that exercise sucks and just do it!



Loves: I absolutely love THE SQUAT…… It really is the “king” of all lower body exercises. My goal is to squat 250 lbs.

Hates: I don’t like to say I hate it, but I don’t enjoy doing cardio for long durations. I push through, reminding myself that you have to challenge yourself to do the things that you are not as strong/not as good at.

So, next time Mr. Ray suddenly turns up the music, maybe it’s because he knows that deep down many of you are hating that 5th set of push-ups. When JD says it’s time for burpees, well, he doesn’t like them either, but maybe try what Erin does and sing loudly to get you through!

What do you love? What do you hate? What’s gets you through?


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