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FIT RxN™ is all about paying it forward and giving back. We are setting the bar high and have designated a year round charity for our company.

Running through Walls is a non-profit for pediatric cancer dedicated to promoting wellness for children, adolescents, and emerging adults fighting their battles with cancer and life after cancer. Running through Walls has a great concept that we believe aligns well with our beliefs at FIT RxN. We are excited to aid in the future development of a program for pediatric cancer patients to be implemented during and post treatment to help them stay fit on their path to wellness. Running through Walls has aligned themselves with one of the top programs in the country. The LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Center of Excellence, The Living Well After Cancer Program (LWAC) at the Abramson Cancer Center, directed by Linda A. Jacobs, PhD, RN, is a clinical, research, and educational effort focused on early intervention and prevention of disease as the ultimate goal. The multidisciplinary LWAC Program currently provides care and research opportunities to cancer survivors treated at Penn, the Penn Cancer Network hospitals, and through the Living Well After Childhood Cancer™ Program, a collaborative effort between Penn and CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania.) Please take a moment to read Running through Wall’s CONCEPT and visit their website www.runningthroughwalls.org.

We believe that pediatric cancer survivors exude the very essence of the will to live. It is our honor to support the clinical research, dedicated staff, and complimentary services offered by nationally recognized hospitals focused on improving the quality of life for a survivor of childhood cancer. In addition to our fundraising, Running through Walls will be working closely with selected programs to create a protocol that will marry existing oncology treatment with progressive fitness to aid in an individual’s fight against cancer and to ease their transition to wellness. This program is a long-term project that will be coupled with qualitative and quantitative research. The documentation acquired along the way will ensure that the best approach and program is developed for each individual patient. Our charitable fundraising efforts will continue to raise money for individuals, groups, and institutions that are dedicated and committed to the treatment and cure of pediatric cancer.RTW is a publicly recognized 501(c)3 charity. Although we have a designated charity, we are ALWAYS open to helping others. If you have a one you would like to help, please Contact Us!

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