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FIT Kids
Start them young!

It’s never too early to develop a love for fitness!

FIT Kids School Partnerships

Do you know a school that is ready to take their Wellness program to the next level? FIT RxN is excited to expand their school collaboration program. Beginning in 2016, FIT RxN partnered with a local Public School to ensure that their gym program involved full body and mind training! The students learn functional fitness skills, build strength and endurance and develop new attitudes towards living a fit lifestyle.


Options include:

  • Bringing your students to our space for a Functional Training program using TRX, SandBells, Body Weight, etc. Classes taught in collaboration with our trainers.
  • Live Stream and/or recorded workouts delivered to your school for use in your own facility.
  • Fitness and Wellness workshops with students, teachers and/or parents.


Email: sweat@fitrxn.com to get involved!

FIT Kids Group Classes

Build healthy habits and a FIT lifestyle right from the start! These after school classes are designed to strengthen your child’s coordination, flexibility and body awareness. A variety of training drills will build their ability to control & strengthen their bodies, utilizing functional movements and equipment such as TRX, SandBells and other fun tools. Children aged 6+ will absolutely love this class!

Each class is 45 minutes and includes station work, partner activities and whole group games designed to engage the group as a whole, building teamwork and sportsmanship.


Register Here! 

FIT Kids Private & Semi-Private Training

Is your child working towards specific fitness or wellness goals, training for a specific sport or just working to gain confidence in his/her own ability? Private or semi-private training is the perfect solution. Sessions are tailored to your child’s specific needs and goals. All of the fun and benefits without all of the other kids.


Email: sweat@fitrxn.com for information.

FIT Kids Birthday Parties

Everybody loves a good sweat party- even kids! Celebrate at FIT RxN with a class taught by one of our instructors or rent the space out and do it on your own!

Parties include a 45 minute workout plus 45 minutes for pizza, cake, or other treats.


Email: sweat@fitrxn.com for prices and additional information.

Walk in dry, leave drenched in sweat - it's time for YOU to have a "FIT Reaction"

It's time for YOU to have a FIT Reaction!

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